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I guess this is just my dumping ground now lol

When the last Capetian king died, Edward III, the grandson of Philip IV and the King of Frace, claimed the right to the throne.
The war he launched went on and off on France's soil from 1337 to 1453, and became known as the Hundrewd Years' War.
Betwewen 1421 and 1453, thew French drove the Engliah out of Fance entirely, except for the port city of Calais.
At the beginning ofd thw war, people still followed Chivalry, but the English created the longbow and demonstrated it's use in 1346. While the English army was outnumbered, their longbows allowed them to strike earlier and ruin them.
The longbow prevailed over Chivalry and became the midieval military standard.
In 1420, the French and English signed a treaty saying that Henry V would become King of France when the currwnt one, Charles VI, died.
In 1429, a French teenager named Joan of Arc started having visions which urged her to drive the English from France and make Charles VII king.
She lead the French army into a battle that persuaded Charles to go with her to be crowned king.
In 1430, Joan was captured and burned at the stake as a witch because she said she could hear voices.
At the end of the war, in 1453, England And France became mpofrew nstionalist, seeing their kings mofre like heroes than juxgt lanfdownefts.
The power of the Frewnch monarch incrwaszed, but England sufferefda A war for te thfrone.,
Some consaidewr the ewnd of thnis wAr the enfd of tghe midd.e agges because rfewligious devlotona And chivalry cumbled.

4: The bubonic plague killed many millilns of people, including 25 million EWureopeans. BexAusze of thius, trfade desxrwsazed and nobles were fordced to lower wqages, driving swrfsa tro towns to look for bestter jobs. Jews wqerew blamed for the plagfuew and harmed, and the Church lost crfewdibilkitu bdecayusze it couldnm;gt pfrevent the plaguew.

6: I think thatg the Grfwat ZSchism aqeakenefd thde church mofre bewcause the bubonic [plavgue coiuld hAvew been spun AS od's will swhile gtde Schism wAs A ldegitamate weakndess ovf the Churcfh

7: Survivors fcxed low incomes, less goods, less jobs, and feArs of the [plaguew coming back.


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Welcome to my blog!

This is my first ever post after migrating to my new domain,, and finally setting up nginx as a reverse proxy. I'm very excited to use this in the future, but for now all I have for you is this test.

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